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is an innovative internet service provider licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide fast, reliable and affordable Internet service to residents of Nigeria. Speedylink is a compelling internet service concept that leverages advances in technology with proprietary tools to offer an affordable solution to a market need.

Speedylink is offering and promoting uninterrupted and affordable Internet access with a broad range of internet services to rural and semi-urban communities of Nigeria beginning with Southwest Nigeria. Our principal objective is to provide uninterrupted reliable and affordable connectivity to rural and semi urban communities in Nigeria to enhance commerce, education, learning, banking, agriculture, governance, social and community development.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be Nigeria’s leading broadband internet service provider, connecting rural communities to the world

Our Mission

Take advantage of innovative technology platforms to provide swift, reliable, and excellent wireless internet service access at reasonable prices to Nigerians in rural and semi-urban cities who require uninterrupted internet communication.

Our Values

- Honest, fair, transparent. - Superiority & Excellence. - Teamwork. - Building strong relationships with partners and customers.

Truly Unlimited

You are guaranteed unlimited data, no data cap, or Fair Usage Policy (FUP) on subscription.

Ultra Fast Internet

Enjoy turbo speed with low latency . perfect for streaming and video conferencing.

Dedicated Connection

Each user has their own portion Of bandwidth dedicated solely to themselves.

Our Services

Radio Wireless internet service

Radio wireless internet service provided by Speedylink Communications is a form of broadband internet that uses radio waves to deliver high-speed internet access to customers......

Computer Networking

Computer networking for Speedylink Communications involves the interconnection of different devices, such as computers, servers, and other network-enabled devices, to facilitate the sharing of resources and information.

Data Center Service

Speedylink Communications offers colocation services that provide a secure and reliable environment for businesses to store their critical IT infrastructure.

Why choose us

Unlimited and Ultra Fast Speed Internet

All our data plans are truly unlimited, You also get to enjoy ultra fast speed because your bandwidth is not shared among other users.

Affordable Price

We offer affordable prices for their communication services, allowing customers to stay connected without breaking the bank.

Professional Team

We have a professional team is a group of skilled and experienced individuals who work collaboratively to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality services and support, and strive to deliver results that exceed expectations.

24/7 Support

Our customer assistance is available at any time of the day or night, every day of the week. We ensures that our customers receive help and support for any issues they encounter with their services from us quickly and efficiently, no matter when they occur.

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We are a rapid growing Internet Service Provider company located in the heart of Abeokuta with sole purpose of providing a fast, secure, reliable yet affordable internet service for the people. We’re committed to giving the people the best experience that yet fits their pockets.